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Register for Restoration: Relieve your neck and shouldersSunday December 17th, 6:30-8pm on Zoom

Here for yoga?

Read on!

Here for art stuff?

I'll announce via the newsletter when the shop opens!  --Karla, (fall '23)

Hello, and welcome!

 Are you curious about trying yoga but don't see yourself as the yoga "type?"  

Or have you tried a class and found the pacing was too quick, or it reminded you of twister?

Do you feel you would benefit from yoga if only you could find the right class?


Back care, neck relief, joint health, and more


If you want to:

  • relieve a sore back or stiff joints

  • refresh your body and mind from your work at your desk, art, or craft table

  • feel strong as you age

  • learn ways to feel more grounded and have less anxiety

  • learn yoga from an experienced teacher from the comfort of home

I'm Karla Jolie, and I have been teaching yoga for over three decades.  I specialize in beginner-friendly movement, back care,  joint health, and restorative practices to help you find balance and calmness. 

 If you want to try yoga, or try yoga again, please know you don't have to be thin or flexible. You don't have to be "granola" to practice.

YOU can be yourself. 

Comfortable yoga, easy -going vibe, effective sequences.  Move at your own pace.

I love to work with people who:

  • like a comfortable, down-to-earth style

  • want to feel strong without the strain

  • want to better their mobility for their daily lives

  • don't want a yoga practice to feel like another pushy exercise routine

I like that I can roll out of bed and get into the space for practice quickly and quietly. I'm not distracted by others nor do I feel like I am confusing anyone if I do things differently. ----Joanne

Zoom classes/personalized

Zoom classes/personalized

Poses to replenish by

Poses to replenish by

Go at your own pace

Gentle, effective back care

Gentle, effective back care

Good mobility

Restorative practices too

Restorative practices too

I give several options for most poses

Regular self-care

Regular self-care

Students can make requests

Sketchnotes for students

Sketchnotes for students

resource for outside of class time

How it works

Choose 4, 6, or 8 classes per month. Take them at any of the scheduled class times. Or, register for one of the monthly "specials."

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