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Meeting students where they are

Testimonials : Welcome
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Lifelong learning and adaptive practice


From Patty B.  

‘Class with Karla has helped me in so many ways. I find her classes to be the antidote to life’s challenges whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Her gentle approach and instruction have helped me to actually enjoy building my strength and flexibility. She suggests options for various poses and encourages us to listen to our bodies and do what feels nourishing for each of us. I always feel energized and grounded after class. I love being part of this yoga community that Karla has created.”

 Antidote to Life’s challenges

From Mary Ann F., 
“Karla’s teaching method gets right to the core of my back and shoulder and knee pain. After multiple surgeries, I have to diligent about keeping my body stretched and strengthened.  Karla always checks in with her students to see what they need. I have been doing yoga with Karla for 30 years. She is a genius in finding the right poses for the issue at hand!”

The right poses for the issue at hand!

Patricia, RN“I have been attending classes for the past 15 years and I can honestly say each class has been unique and joyfully taught. Her understanding of weaving body, mind and soul into her practice is implemented with her keen understanding of the human condition. She has a pure gift and is so natural at sharing it with all who know her.”

 Unique and joyfully taught

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