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Oooooo......I can't wait to fill this page with fun products and art prints for you. Stay tuned....I'm on it! 

During the first winter of the pandemic, Karla developed a new regime, a series based on requests from students where we learned new flows like "soothing the nervous system." She has sent the students skechnotes so they can remember the flows and practice at home.  This series has helped me physically and emotionally. ----Marie

A little backstory

Several years ago, after almost 30 years of yoga teaching, I began to feel the pull to draw. I craved the challenge of trying to put on paper what I had experienced in practice and heard from my students. In stolen moments from life with three kids,  I would try to draw a favorite posture,or a moment from that day's class.  I wrestled with even using stick figures to represent what I wanted them to. But, with practice, I am learning, and I love the challenge of learning a new art in addition to yoga.  

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