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All classes are on Zoom

Classes are beginner friendly are also tailored to those attending. I offer options for different bodies and abilities. Students have the option prior to class time (via email or text) to make any requests. I then include practices which will address those requests as well as our current class themes.

Students pay on a monthly basis. This allows them to take any of the classes that work for their schedule.   
I will email you the link after you register for classes. 

Mondays (EST) 6 pm-7:15 pm
Thursdays (EST) 9 am-10:15 am
Thursdays (EST) 6 pm-7:15 pm
Saturdays (EST) 8:30am-9:50 am


“Karla’s teaching method gets right to the core of my back and shoulder and knee pain. After multiple surgeries, I have to diligent about keeping my body stretched and strengthened.  Karla always checks in with her students to see what they need. She is a genius in finding the right poses for the issue at hand!”

                                                                                           -Mary Ann