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Looking for a more customized and gentle way to help your body move and feel better? Do most classes feel too fast, or tiring?  Have joint or back pain?  At Plenish and Pose, students develop an effective, enjoyable and sustainable practice. Classes are live and tailored, with the support of a community.
Move better. Feel better. 

 A regular practice with an experienced teacher can help you get the relief you need.

These sensitively paced classes help you feel good now and feel good later.

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Looking for online classes more tailored to fit?

Hello! I’m Karla Jolie, and love to teach blended movement classes tailored to the people taking them. Small and personalized classes can truly address your needs. I have seen this in my nearly 30 years of teaching. Sore back from your desk job, your work in the medical field, or gardening? You picked up the 40 pound child one too many times? Exhausted and need some replenishing poses?  As a student, you have the option to make requests prior to class or to simply join in and enjoy the slow flow of movement.

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Sue G., Public Health  Administrator 


From Patty B.  

‘Class with Karla has helped me in so many ways. I find her classes to be the antidote to life’s challenges whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Her gentle approach and instruction have helped me to actually enjoy building my strength and flexibility. She suggests options for various poses and encourages us to listen to our bodies and do what feels nourishing for each of us. I always feel energized and grounded after class. I love being part of this yoga community that Karla has created.”

 Antidote to Life’s challenges


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You may register for most classes anytime. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and check, and will pro-rate to adjust monthly payment schedule . Credit Cards may be used if processed through website.


Weekly customized group classes online

Create a healthy habit of regular practice, once or more/week.

 Communicate via email on the day of class, or the day before, to submit any requests or needs you may have. This is not required—It’s ok to go with the flow if you find that more relaxing. 

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Individual assessment, video, and follow-up

 Designed for you alone

  • If you are tentative about joining a group class group class 

  • You have very specific needs for a practice

  • Would just love to focus in on what would be the most effective sequence (s)  for you at this time, this is a great option.

Yes! I need that.
Exercising at Home

 Special Occasion private group classes

Book a private class for your special group

  • Online birthday classes with playful, personalized sketchnote based on the class 

  • Gather with friends, family, or co-workers in an online private class

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What are Sketchnotes?

 Another resource 

You may find classes more relaxing if you are not trying to remember “all the things.” 
I’ve an a novice at drawing, but find making these simple sketchnotes a creative pleasure (and often a real challenge to sketch people!) These are useful reminder sheets for students who want to cultivate practice outside of class, and are light-hearted summaries of some of our sequences. I periodically make and distribute these, or notice a student could use a certain sequence and send an applicable Sketchnote. Some courses include Sketchnotes.

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